Dandy Warhols : We Used To Be Friends

Vapid? Meaningless?

The brush-off. The kiss-off. The dressing-down. "A long time ago/We used to be friends" preens Courtney Taylor-Taylor, scorn slimly concealed behind a doe-eyed deadpan, "But I haven’t thought of you lately at all".

Those lovable bastards the Dandy Warhols are back back back, and as ever, making you feel bad is making their day. With Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes whacking a yacht wheel onto the production desk and plotting course for the 80s, ‘We Used To Be Friends’ is a synthetic chatter of robotic handclaps and tweaky guitar fuzz, creamed off with a squeaky-clean chorus delivered in alarming falsetto: "C’mon now honey/Bring it on bring it on, yeah".

Vapid? Meaningless? Honey, whether the Dandy Warhols are singing about heroin or hipster cred, it’s all about reading between the track-lines.

Louis Pattison

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