Thrice/Thursday : Under A Killing Moon / For The Work Force Drowning

...limited to 1,000 copies and bursting with tenderness and compassion...

It must be hard playing guitar with your heart on your sleeve, mainly because at some point during the process of thrashing about it’s going to fall off and make an awful bloody mess on the carpet. But that’s exactly what these two titans of America's burgeoning ‘Screamo’ movement do on this joint release, limited to 1,000 copies and bursting with tenderness and compassion.

California’s Thrice make a joyous racket, harnessing the melodious skill of The Replacements with the metallic frigidity of Slayer. Meanwhile, New Jersey’s Thursday go one better by laying down a slice of teardrop-stained rock action that reeks of stolen youth and aching hearts. NME hereby declares this magnificent split to be the most honest, impassioned and forward-thinking rock music we’ve heard in a long time. Awesome, inspiring stuff.

James Jam

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