Four Tet : As Serious As Your Life

Olde Englishe breakbeat classic...

Hard not to love this one, particularly as it features Morris Dancing in the video. For latecomers, Four Tet is the frequently spellbinding project of Radiohead's favourite DJ, Kieran Hebden. His love of hip-hop, ancient folk, psychedelic rock, cosmic jazz, abstract electronica and pretty much anything else that makes a warped noise has resulted in some remarkable records over the past few years. 'As Serious As Your Life' features all of these ingredients to a greater or lesser degree, but hinges on the kind of loping funk riff that's oddly reminiscent of 'Fool's Gold' by Stone Roses. The result is a single that's just as pretty and inventive as Hebden's usual business, but with a punchiness and accessibility that's often overlooked by this indecently talented Londoner. Oh, and the CD includes a 23-minute live version that'll pickle your mind.

John Mulvey

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