Ambulance Ltd : Ambulance Ltd

..shoe they most certainly do...

After 12 years of watching his congregation dwindle to nothing but

a few ghostly seagulls, the rector at the Sonic Cathedral Of St Shoey In The Vale must think the Second Coming is finally upon him. For, joining The Radio Dept’s shuffled assault upon skinny trousers and eye contact, Ambulance Ltd are most unusual converts to nu-gaze. They’re from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ’hood of Williamsburg, NYC, they have a natty way with a big pop hook and (hide your eyes, Slowdive!) they appear to want you to hear their lyrics. But shoe they most certainly do, and boy do they give good ocean of sound: from the point where Sparklehorse gleefully beat Rod Stewart’s ‘Young Hearts’ back to life with cudgels on ‘Anecdote’ to the bits where The Stills get attacked by a flock of spectral Rachel Goswells on ‘Ophelia’ and The Cardigans sail off on ethereal slivers of eternity into a broiling guitar hellfire on ‘Young Urban’. Now where did I put that glassy, blank-eyed stare I had in 1991?

Mark Beaumont
6 / 10

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