Album review: A Sunny Day In Glasgow - 'Ashes Grammar' (Mis Ojos Discos)

When ambient goes wrong

Beware the band that meanders into niceness. For a time it seemed this brother and sister outfit (plus some) would never fall victim to such pleasantries in light of their abrasive debut. But with 'Ashes Grammar' it seems A Sunny Day In Glasgow have opted out of the world of challenging ambient-leaning anthems, instead relying on the sweet harmonies of twin sisters Robin and Lauren Daniels. Not quite Animal Collective ('Slaughter Killing Carnage (The Meaning Of Words)') nor Stereolab ('Shy'), but at times sounding like an Ibiza chill-out album ('Close Chorus'), there are hot flushes of brilliance here ('Evil, With Evil, Against Evil') but they are few and far between.

Ash Dosanjh

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5 / 10

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