Album Review: Aeroplane - 'In Flight Entertainment'

Off-kilter house, funk and exotic pop

  • Release Date 24 Oct, 2011
  • Producer Vito De Luca
  • Record Label Eskimo
  • Fact Aeroplane gained recognition through DJing with partner Stephen Fasano
7 / 10
Having made his name with SoundCloud mixes – and remixes for artists including Friendly FiresAeroplane faced a dilemma when it came to his first mix album: how do you entice 40,000 people who have been downloading your stuff for free to shell out for a CD? His solution was to assemble exclusive tracks from artists he’s tipped, add a new production of his and put them together in a mix that reeks of Balearic beaches and suntan lotion. The result is a brilliant album of off-kilter house, funk and exotic pop that should entice even disco skinflints.

Ben Cardew

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