Album review: Afrirampo - We Are Ucho No Ko (Rock Action)

Phenomenal final outing from the Japanese duo that leaves us tearfully angling for more

So after eight years of psychedelic noise experimentation, Afrirampo have declared this album to be their swansong – and that’s a real shame. Not only are this Japanese duo of Oni and Pika uniquely barmy and loveable, but ‘We Are Uchu No Ko’ captures them at full strength: it’s an album that carries with it all the excitement and might of Melt-Banana (see ‘Miracle Lucky Girls’), the sass of ESG (‘Sore Ga Afrirampo’) and the spaced-out disco doom of Chrome Hoof (‘Hoshi No Uta (Part 4)’). Almost cruelly brilliant, this is a final statement that leaves you desperate for more. It’s plainly time to pledge allegiance to Afrirampo – even if it is too late.

Ash Dosanjh

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9 / 10

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