Aiden Grimshaw - 'Misty Eye'

He's just about pulled off a clean break from 'The X Factor'

  • Release Date 20 Aug, 2012
  • Record Label RCA
6 / 10
What alchemy is this? In 2010, Aiden Grimshaw was the kooky boy-child from The X Factor with a failed degree in over-acting. Fast-forward to right fucking now though, and there is no desperate lip quivering through truncated versions of ‘Mad World’. Grimshaw has reigned in the eccentricities TV Land turned into caricatures, and just about pulled off a clean break from his time on the show. His angsty eyelash fluttering sits atop ‘Misty Eye’’s modern pop bedding. And frankly that voice, singing those lyrics, is actually a hell of a lot more appealing than most – but not all – of the gumph that usually results when an appearance on reality TV is converted into a record deal.

Hayley Avron
Aiden Grimshaw - 'Is This Love' Aiden Grimshaw - 'Is This Love'
Video: Aiden Grimshaw - 'Is This Love'

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