A Grave With No Name – ‘Whirlpool’

While some songs are forgettable, there are some gems on Shields' third LP.

With this third LP, Alex Shields has graduated from his London bedroom into a full-on studio project. Still, traces remain of his earlier lo-fi introspection, especially in the acoustic dreaminess of ‘Bones’, ‘Streams’, and the Perfume Genius-esque beautiful dysfunction of ‘Balloons’. But elsewhere – notably the syrupy shoegaze of ‘Aurora’ and the slacker-pop of ‘Origami’ – ‘Whirlpool’ steps into the outside world. Guest appearances from Echo Lake’s Linda Jarvis and Ides’ Alanna McArdle bolster that confident atmopshere and, while some songs are forgettable, there are some gems.

Mischa Pearlman


Record label: Stare
Release date: 01 Jul, 2013