A Sunny Day In Glasgow – ‘Sea When Absent’

A fierce campaign to propel their usual shoegaze into a poppier stratosphere

With their fourth album, A Sunny Day In Glasgow are mounting a fierce campaign to propel their sparkling shoegaze into a poppier stratosphere. ‘Sea When Absent’ has the same beautifully overlapping vocals as Cocteau Twins and the same mess of melodies as My Bloody Valentine, only less obtuse and a hell of a lot happier. Highlights are the stunning ‘Bye Bye, Big Ocean’, which piles tight lyrical hooks into post-rock guitars, and ‘The Body, It Bends’, on which vocalists Annie Fredrickson and Jen Goma deliver an irresistible (if indecipherable) duet over pristine synths. Catchy and abstract in equal measure, ‘Sea When Absent’ is the thrilling sound of shoegazing introverts coming out of their shells.

Robert Cooke


Record label: Lefse
Release date: 04 Aug, 2014