Album review: Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Wall Of Sound)

Despite being behind some bloghaus biguns, Aeroplane's album feels stuck in the past

Better known as a DJ and remixing duo (see their rejig of [b]Friendly Fires[/b]’ ‘[b]Paris[/b]’), [b]Aeroplane[/b] is now the work of one man: [b]Vito Deluca[/b]. Those looking for blissed-out bloghaus bangers, try elsewhere. The title track is an odd teaming of Manu Chao, Sesame Street and Balearic house. Even more oddly, it works. If ‘[b]I Don’t Feel[/b]’ – with [b]Merry Clayton[/b] (backing singer on [a]The Rolling Stones[/a]’ ‘[b]Gimme Shelter[/b]’, fact fans!) – demands a Studio 54 dancefloor, then ‘[b]The Point Of No Return[/b]’ asks for dry ice and a wind machine. Throw in the tinny synth on ‘[b]Fish In The Sky[/b]’ and this album couldn’t get any more late-’70s if it tried. If it was a TV programme, it’d be [b]Starsky & Hutch[/b] – a dubious honour to say the least.

[b]Ailbhe Malone[/b]

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