Album review: Afrirampo – We Are Ucho No Ko (Rock Action)

Phenomenal final outing from the Japanese duo that leaves us tearfully angling for more

So after eight years of psychedelic noise experimentation, [a]Afrirampo[/a] have declared this album to be their swansong – and that’s a real shame. Not only are this Japanese duo of [b]Oni[/b] and [b]Pika[/b] uniquely barmy and loveable, but [b]‘We Are Uchu No Ko’[/b] captures them at full strength: it’s an album that carries with it all the excitement and might of Melt-Banana (see ‘Miracle Lucky Girls’), the sass of [a]ESG[/a] ([b]‘Sore Ga Afrirampo’[/b]) and the spaced-out disco doom of [a]Chrome Hoof[/a] ([b]‘Hoshi No Uta (Part 4)’[/b]). Almost cruelly brilliant, this is a final statement that leaves you desperate for more. It’s plainly time to pledge allegiance to [a]Afrirampo[/a] – even if it is too late.

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]

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