Do Everything I Taught You

Year in, year out, a few decent bands break out of Liverpool to fresh screams of a Merseybeat resurgence. But, for every Coral, there’s always a Dead 60s. In this tradition, just as The Wombats prime themselves for fame, fortune and groupie excess, Alterkicks pop up in the background with ‘Do Everything I Taught You’ like the serious older brother, tutting scornfully at their antics but secretly jealous. OK, so openers ‘My Downfall’ and ‘Oh Honey’ are catchy like the clap – the latter’s sparkling refrain being their best hope for some temporary spotlight. But the lumbering likes of ‘May’ soldier forth with the innocuous enthusiasm of an Airfix fanatic talking you through the construction of his latest model F-16. By ‘Silver Ribbons’ the whole thing’s descended into a grey realm neighbouring the one signposted ‘Zutons B-Sides’ – the buzz dying quicker than you can say ‘Riot Radio’.

Alex Hoban