Album review: Amid Concrete And Callousness

Eclectic isn't even the word...

If it’s hard to actually love this deranged EP then you have to admire the gumption of its creators. Having presumably sold off their collective pancreas to fund and release these seven tracks themselves, this Scottish six-piece throw every influence imaginable at the wall. So what starts out with agreeable-enough Thrice-ish histrionics soon hops to a strange reality where Enter Shikari’s debut had as seismic an effect as Dylan going electric. An [i]easy listening version[/i] of that reality. ‘Resolution For The Weekend’ goes full-on Calvin Harris. And by the closing ‘Grey Square Gaiden’ they’ve roped in what appears to be the spirit of Enya. It just doesn’t bear thinking about. And it takes real talent to be this worrying.

[b]Dan Martin[/b]