Album Review: Apostle of Hustle – ‘Eats Darkness’

Blame Canada

Apostle Of Hustle are a project of Broken Social Scene guitarist Andrew Whiteman. On their third album, the trio largely abandon the Latin influences of earlier outings for a medium-haul flight back to the more two-dimensional sounds of Canadian indie-rock. Given there’s currently a glut in the genre, this is an unfortunate journey, as tracks like ‘Xerses’ and ‘Blackberry’ prove. The album’s theme might be conflict, and samples of gunfire and revolutionary communiqués are scattered throughout, but the key flaw here is that, the rushing ‘Soul Unwind’ and grunting beats of ‘Perfect Fit’ aside, politeness puts sonic argy-bargy to the sword. The sooner these Apostles return to more sultry climes, the better.

Luke Turner

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