Album Review: Archie Bronson Outfit – ‘Coconut’ (Domino)

A triumphant return for the alt.rock trio

After four years meandering on the edges of the known musical world, [b]ABO[/b] come bellowing back with a bold album. [b]‘Coconut’[/b] bottles the madness and magic of their gigs and tamps the cork home, hard. This no doubt owes something to the production of former DFA man [b]Tim Goldsworthy[/b], but this is not the story of an ageing band on a desperate quest for invigoration via producer. Their personality is bold throughout, an excess of top-shelf distortion and a cast-the-crutches-aside sense of euphoria. In [b]‘Coconut’[/b]’s bewildering musical tour around tropicalia, disco, frantic tribal sounds, Bristolian blues, post punk, lo-fi noise, you name it… [b]Archie Bronson Outfit[/b] have produced a remarkable fruit. Crack open and sup deep.

[b]Luke Turner[/b]

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