Arthur & Yu

In Camera

Seattleites Grant Olsen and Sonya Westcott have a dream. That dream is for the world to spin backwards approximately 40 years and for them to magically morph into arch sleaze rocker Lee Hazlewood (RIP) and his muse Nancy Sinatra. Then the pair would join the hippest of the hippies, The Mamas And The Papas and make sweet music and wear kaftans. Sadly, with no time travelling device currently operating outside of Doctor Who – and that tight arse ain’t into lending – the duo have done the best they can to live out their dream in the modern world. And haven’t they done well? An authentic graininess permeates ‘In Camera’, like you’re listening to the whole thing in sepia-tone – from the coy country call-and-response of ‘Come to View (Song For Neil Young)’, which could have soundtracked a Jane Fonda film, to the lolloping ‘Afterglow’, and tambourining of ‘Lion’s Mouth’. Lush.

Leonie Cooper