Album Review: Asa Ransom

Not all that glitters in NYC is gold, it seems

If only Asa Ransom had released their debut earlier, New York’s hype police – who would have you believe NYC bands play chords made of orgasms – would have surely secured them ‘buzz band’ status. But, as the dust settles and The Vacuous Virgins’ survival taunts the mind with murderous rage, it becomes glaringly obvious this record needs to do more than order ‘quaffee’ to stand out. Not that it’s a horrific listen, just that its blend of jingle-jangle guitars, proggy piano and yelping vocals has been done better by bands such as Talking Heads (the vocal mannerisms on ‘Strangeways In Pale Of Splendor’ strongly evoke ‘Life During Wartime’). To paraphrase LCD Soundsystem: “New York I love you, but this is bloody boring”.

[b]Stephen Kelly[/b]