Album Review: Baby Dee – ‘A Book Of Songs’ (Tin Angel)

Antony Hegarty's close friend and collaborator goes it alone

[b]Baby Dee[/b] is no stranger to bruising emotional theatre. However, in contrast to her [a]Will Oldham[/a]-arranged last album, which swung like a Weimar republic hoedown, [b]‘A Book Of Songs’[/b] is a thing of simple beauty. In turn, she accompanies her trilling vocal delivery on piano, accordion and harp in sparse arrangements by [b]Antony Hegarty[/b] sideman [b]Maxim Moston[/b], with the overall effect being like stumbling into a cobwebbed velvet-lined anteroom somewhere in [b]Tim Burton[/b]’s head. From the delicate piano ballad [b]‘Lilacs’[/b] to the overwrought expressionism of [b]‘As Morning Holds A Star’[/b], her vocals resound with a combination of determined affectation and emotional integrity.

[b]Anthony Thornton[/b]

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