Album Review: Beardyman – I Done A Album (Sunday Best)

Beardyman fatigue, as his festival repertoire seeps onto his new record

Beatboxer Darren ‘[a]Beardyman[/a]’ Foreman has made a good living with his comedy-tinged shows on the industry awards ceremony and festival circuit. But extending the party trick over an album is an idea that, on paper at least, has the artistic merit of someone making a Broadway show out of pushing their willy between their legs so it looks like a lady bit.

To be fair he’s worked hard on expanding the sound beyond his dextrous tongue noises, but the dodgy dance-tent drum’n’bass, jazzy interludes and unfunny skits about [a]Justin Bieber[/a] that bulks it out are hardly enough to get the tastebuds fizzing.

Jamie Fullerton


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