The best bits of every extreme metal subgenre

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Black Breath - 'Sentenced To Life'


Black Breath – ‘Sentenced To Life’

If you buy only one face-liquidising, denim-skinned album of demonic metal thunder this year because you saw it reviewed in [i]NME[/i], then make it this face-liquidising, denim-skinned… well, you get the message. The effectively faultless output of Seattle rivetheads Black Breath prior to this – one EP, one album – is not remotely diminished by ‘Sentenced To Life’, which is half an hour of double-kickdrum rippage that raises tankards to Slayer and Entombed while sounding crustier than a pie shop. It’s like the best bits of every extreme metal subgenre: a deathly crossover of sludgy, blackened thrash that will put hairs on your chest. And then shave a pentagram into them.

[i]Noel Gardner[/i]


Director:Black Breath, Kurt Ballou
Record label:Southern Lord
Release date:26 Mar, 2012