Album review: Black Moth Super Rainbow – ‘Eating Us’

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Oddly monikered Pennsylvania hippy types

Some people, the former Robert Zimmerman once noted upon being asked how he became Bob Dylan, are born with the wrong name. This lot empathise; how else to explain the presence of a Power Pill Fist and The Seven Fields Of Aphelion among their number? For all their pseudonyms and slippery press releases, the Pennsylvania quartet are a talented bunch too. ‘Eating Us’ is their fourth full-length, and it’s a delight. Songs such as ‘Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise’ and ‘Tooth Decay’, with its beguiling melody and crunchy drums, are indicative of the purple patch US indie is going through. They could’ve lost a couple of those frivolous instrumental noodlings, though.

Barry Nicolson

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