Blue Hawaii – ‘Untogether’

Our rating:

The kind of album that sounds best listened to solo

This Canadian duo (Braids’ Raph Standell-Preston and friend Alexander Cowan) named their debut album ‘Untogether’ because they recorded it apart: one touring, the other discovering the best electronic music in Europe. And as luck would have it, it’s the kind of album that sounds best listened to solo. The icy tones of ‘Follow’, looped folk of ‘Try To Be’ and bubbling ‘Yours To Keep’ are perfect for a day under the duvet (maybe waiting for that message from someone you met the night before), while the heavier, Mount Kimbie-like tracks (‘In Two’, the choppy, R&B-styled ‘Nightskies’) are just right for getting up to go out again.

Siân Rowe


Record label: Arbutus
Release date: 11 Mar, 2013