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Boy Friend - 'Egyptian Wrinkle'


Boy Friend – ‘Egyptian Wrinkle’

As the death knell chimes for chillwave and witch house, Texan duo Boy Friend’s debut album arrives to enshrine the most half-arsed elements of both genres. It might be enigmatically named, but that’s where the mystery stops: underneath impressively dull washes of over-amplified synths there’s no lingering conceit, construct or standout moment. The record shares a certain bejewelled aura with Julianna Barwick’s ‘The Magic Place’ and White Hinterland’s ‘Kairos’, but without the former’s madrigal wonder or the latter’s melodic strut, instead hanging off a limp drum machine skeleton and sounding inexcusably lazy. As a final nail in the coffin, it’s a welcome one.
[i]Laura Snapes[/i]


Record label:Hell, Yes!
Release date:06 Feb, 2012