Album Review: Buke & Gass – ‘Riposte’

Masters of originality

By nature, punk should never sound the same twice, yet unfailingly replicates faster than bacteria. Having literally ripped up their instruments and started again, DIY duo [b]Buke & Gass[/b] rally the cause for originality. [b]‘Riposte’[/b] is underpinned by aggressively, bungeeing gass (a guitar with bass strings) and Arone Dyer’s vocal, pairing [b]Mark E Smith[/b]’s unfuckwithable idiosyncrasies with [b]Marnie Stern[/b]’s sweet shrillness.

Colin Stetson’s sax whispers around the edges of [b]‘Red Hood Came Home’[/b] and [b]‘Outt!’[/b]; [b]‘Bundletuck’[/b] is the point where a fight flips into furious sex, Dyer yelping, “These days you wake up in a bundle of orgasm”. It’s an itchy, difficult listen, but then it’s hardly easy being original.

Laura Snapes

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