Album review: Butch Walker – ‘Sycamore Meadow’

A State-side invasion worth taken notice of

We sneering Brits generally avoid this kind of earnest American rock unless it crops up on a [i]Gossip Girl[/i] montage. As with [a]Dave Matthews[/a], [a]Butch Walker[/a]’s a lauded songwriter in the States, but he’s nowt to us; this is his first release in the UK. It comes in the wake of his US Number One [b]‘Here Comes The…’[/b], a song which [a]Pink[/a] guests on to sucky effect, but goddarn it, this album deserves more than the Great British Shrug Off. [b]‘Vessels’[/b] and [b]‘Summer Scarves’[/b] are perfectly rendered drivetime soft rock, and he also shows some nice bitchery in the hipster-baiting [b]‘The 3 Kids In Brooklyn’[/b] and druggy users in [b]‘The Weight Of Her’[/b]. Beneath the radio polish lies a wickedly caustic songwriting wit.

[b]Martin Robinson[/b]

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