Album Review: Cage The Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday (Virgin)

Injecting fun into music where many bands dare not venture

Nice surprise this one. Nu-grunge? Hardly. There’s little sign of [a]Cage The Elephant[/a]’s former angst here, replaced instead by three types of song. There are ones that sound like [a]Dead Kennedys[/a], such as [b]‘Indy Kidz’[/b], a “right haircut”-baiting rework of [b]‘California Uber Alles’[/b]. Then there are ones that sound like [a]The Knack[/a], like the puckish sweetness of [b]‘Right Before My Eyes’[/b].

Finally there are ones that sound like [a]Dead Kennedys[/a] doing [a]The Cars[/a], like the sublimely weird [b]‘Aberdeen’[/b] and [b]‘2024’[/b]. Basically, the album’s a mess of melody, noise, stoopidity, screaming and big choruses that does its bit for the all-important Campaign Against Intellectualism In Rock. Fun.

Martin Robinson


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