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Album review: Caitlin Rose - 'Own Side Now' (Names)


Album review: Caitlin Rose – ‘Own Side Now’ (Names)

Folk these days are sticklers for authenticity if you dabble in genres that had their heyday before you were born – just ask [a]Laura Marling[/a]. Some might quibble about Nashville native [a]Caitlin Rose[/a]’s debut, loath to believe that this gorgeous, bright collection was written by a 22-year-old, but they’d be wrong to. Indebted to the glorious hymnal quality of [a]Linda Ronstadt[/a] and perky heartbreak chroniclers [a]The Shangri-Las[/a], it’s laced with quirky observations rather than smoochy country platitudes. Similarities to [a]She & Him[/a] abound, but minus Zooey’s showtune splendour, the vulnerability in Caitlin’s voice chimes as true as the clink of a quarter in an old jukebox.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]

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