Album Review: Chad Valley – ‘Equatorial Ultravox’

Lovely, but lacking those much needed hooks

If you’ve got time to come up with such admirable puns as that title, you’ve probably got a little too much of it on your hands. Perhaps if Hugo Manuel had tarried longer making the seven tracks on his second EP stand out from the lightweight euphoric dance-pop haze that surrounds cyberspace like a halo, and less coming up with zingers like [b]‘Shell Suite’[/b], we might be able to remember some of these songs for more than five minutes.

But let’s be fair, hooks aren’t the point; immersive, incandescent and lightly trippy, [b]‘Equatorial Ultravox’[/b] is undeniably lovely, and the title describes the vaguely early ’80s Mediterranean synth vibe pretty well. It’s just not exactly essential listening.

Emily Mackay

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