Album review: Chilly Gonzales – ‘Ivory Tower’ (Schmooze/Gentle Threat)

Tinkles the keys other pianists don't reach

Throughout time the ancient and noble art of chess has awakened intellects, confounded Chinese emperors and inspired great art (as well as the odd dodgy song by Chris de Burgh). This is the soundtrack to a brilliant forthcoming movie starring the man himself, apparently written “in the back of a piss-powered taxi”. Chilly once again proves he is no pass master on [b]‘Ivory Tower’[/b]. Produced by Boyz Noize, this is the sound of a rook shuffling with a maverick king, full of harpsichords and pianos and sexy European beats; it will arouse the mind and stimulate interesting positions. Check, mate.

[b]Jeremy Allen[/b]

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