Chrome Hoof: Pre-Emptive False Rapture

Cosmic space-disco, made by 10 men in silver monk's cowls

It’s perhaps not a surprise to discover that Klaxons’ favourite new band are a 10-strong tribe of psychotropic monks in silver-sequinned cowls, usually accompanied onstage by a 12-foot steel ram firing laserbeams from a giant eye. Chrome Hoof were formed by members of epic doom-metallers Cathedral who wanted an outlet to indulge their love of George Clinton, Sparks and general preposterousness. Their promise comes good on the astonishing ‘Death Is Certain’ which keeps your body flexing even as your brain radios for back-up. ‘Pronoid’, meanwhile, gives !!! and Battles a run for their money in the cosmic math-disco intensity stakes. However, when Chrome Hoof overcook it’s like wandering into the Glasto circus field and being surrounded by cyber-crusty jazzbos on stilts doing virtuoso underarm farts in your ear. Still, we’ve forgiven Muse for worse.

Sam Richards