Clock Opera – ‘Ways To Forget’

Bad, tedious and daft

From the moony clank of listless opener ‘Once And For All’, the sense is that this could be a concept album about Müller Rice for all the passion it excites. Some erudite oaf accurately described Clock Opera as “extraordinarily accessible” – apt, seeing as their post-Kitsune fizz is as thrilling as a ride up Stanna Chairlift. Things limp from bad to tedious with ‘White Noise’, a song so passé it just bought its first shares in ITV Digital. ‘Move To The Mountains’, however, is deep. Just joking, it’s as daft as the rest. If you’re vapid enough to buy into anything this pointless waste of a beard meows into his distortion pedal, you should probably never watch the film Up as you might find it a bit much.

[i]Rebecca Robinson[/i]


Record label: Island/Moshi Moshi
Release date: 09 Apr, 2012