Colin Macintyre

The Water

The Scottish Isle Of Mull – population about 2,500. They catch fish, eat fish, go to the pub, sit by the fire during a storm, catch more fish… What an existence. And it’s a lifestyle widely embraced by Mullite Colin Macintyre (ex-Mull Historical Society) on ‘The Water’. At its rousing, acoustic best his fourth album is blessed with the genetics of such a beautiful, tranquil place woven into it. ‘I Can I Will’ is the heartwarming late-night pub singalong after the boat comes in, whereas ‘Camelot Revisited’ holds you close in the driving wind and never lets go. Perfect. It’s just, when Macintyre looks further afield for inspiration, like on wannabe-baiting ‘Famous For Being Famous’, you lose the vital sentiment of the Scottish Highlands and make way for Posh Spice wearing a fisherman’s knit and gutting a kipper. No man is an island, but the world seems so much better when Macintyre stays on his.

Matt Warwick