Album Review: Colourmusic – ‘My_____Is Pink’ (Memphis Industries)

One big head-fuck? We take a listen to Colourmusic's new album

For anyone who hasn’t seen the video to [b]Colourmusic’s[/b] synapse-dissolving [b]‘Tog’[/b], then let us explain. It shows a sticky, unholy mess of fake – we hope – blood and cum being splattered over shocked-to-the-core fans of these [b]Flaming Lips’[/b]-more-fucked-up-younger-brothers who are also being subjected to some horrific imagery, just shy of the camera. It perfectly encapsulates this [b]Oklahoma/Yorkshire[/b] foursome’s weird aesthetic; their head-fuckable tunes warp and distort everything into a kaleidoscopic pulp. [b]‘Feels Good to Wear’[/b] is an acid-flecked mind-boggler, [b]‘Pororoca’[/b] cripples the thalamus and [b]‘The Little Death (In Five Parts)’[/b] is DFA 1979 at their most primal. It’s basically sick as fuck.

[i]Jamie Crossan[/i]

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