Album Review: Daniel Bjarnason – ‘Procession’ (Bedroom Community)

Treading chartered ground with this debut offering

Like Bedroom Community co-founder [b]Nico Muhly[/b], [b]Daníel Bjarnason[/b] is a composer whose own work is unfairly perceived as secondary to their arrangements for better known artists. Here, Bjarnason escapes the shadow of collaborators [b]Sigur Rós[/b] with an album of four pieces that, though successful on their own terms, give succour to those who’d criticise this new breed of composers for failing to follow the likes of [b]Steve Reich[/b] and [b]Louis Andriessen[/b] in developing notions of ‘classical’ into more daring forms. That’s not to say that the cello of [b]‘Bow To String’[/b] is without a sense of urgency, or the orchestral blast before [b]‘All Sounds To Silence Come’[/b] gently unravels isn’t deftly placed – you’re just left wishing [b]‘Procession’[/b] might have gone somewhere new.

[b]Luke Turner[/b]

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