Album Review: Dave ID – ‘Response’

Unique post-dubstep eccentricity

When we say ‘bedroom producer’, we imagine Londoner Dave Hedges’ ‘bedroom’ to be a little like Buffalo Bill’s lair from The Silence Of The Lambs, but with synths instead of women trapped down the well. Darkly eccentric, he weds post-dubstep and hip-hop production values with malevolent post-punk intent and ends up at a unique address in the same street as [a]These New Puritans[/a] and [b]Tricky[/b] (before he went rubbish).

The clanking, rattling evil of [b]‘When Everything Is In Its Place’[/b] and the concussive beats and malevolent vocals on [b]‘SMR’[/b] are blackly seductive, while [b]‘His’[/b] adds a mournful, cathedral beauty. Make sure you’ve got your night-vision goggles.

Emily Mackay

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