Album review: Deastro – ‘Moondagger’

Soul-searching lo-fi electronica

Randolph Chabot is the bespectacled prince of laptop pop which leans

elegantly towards the experimental. He’s also acquainted with late-night

existential crises – the two may or may not be linked. Whatever,

‘Moondagger’ is a tune-rich excursion into lo-fi romanticism, with

‘Parallelogram’’s multitracked vocals harmonizing over a groundswell of

glockenspiels sharing DNA with Animal Collective. ‘Biophelia’’s 8-bit riff

and balls-out melancholia is reminiscent of Conor Oberst before he stopped

paying electricity bills, while ‘Pyramid Builders’ blends brain-battering

Squarepusher percussion with a harpsichord. But it’s the way Deastro

wrestles with the big issues that twist your heart. Heavy stuff.

Louise Brailey

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