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Album Review: Death In Vegas - 'Trans-Love Energies'


Album Review: Death In Vegas – ‘Trans-Love Energies’

It might be pushing it to call [a]Death In Vegas[/a]’ Richard Fearless the British James Murphy, but Fearless might well have recognised himself in the self-lacerating lines of [a]LCD Soundsystem[/a]’s ‘[b]Losing My Edge[/b]’, not least because its list of hipster touchstones – Can, Suicide, The Sonics, “[i]every seminal Detroit techno hit[/i]” – sounds exactly like the ingredients for this record. Fearless himself assumes vocal duties, although [a]Austra[/a]’s Katie Stelmanis is also occasionally employed to help the music transcend the dank analogue dungeon of its creation. Yes, this is record collection rock – but Fearless has a particularly good record collection.

Sam Richards


Record label:Portobello Records Ltd
Release date:26 Sep, 2011