Dillinger Escape Plan


As a hardcore terror-tribe notorious for lobbing faeces at their own fans and who make a living from dishing tinnitus out like pamphlets, it’s hard to imagine New Jersey’s DEP ever truly going mellow. Despite that, ‘Ire Works’ is their most controlled effort to date, even more so than 2004’s mainstream-friendly (relatively speaking, of course) ‘Miss Machine’. Measured but still devastating, injections like ‘Lurch’ would make Frank Carter’s tattoos dissolve like sugar transfers and ‘Fix Your Face’ would put The Bled down like a lame dog. But ‘Mouth Of Ghosts’ and ‘Party Smasher’ are abundant in black-hearted feeling, and dead-eyed freak-outs ‘Black Bubblegum’ and ‘Milk Lizard’ are pig-headed robo-core at its lean and lethal best; the kind that’d have Napalm Death cowering under the covers. For once, a performance from DEP that’s anything but crap.

Greg Cochrane