Album review: Drum Eyes – ‘Gira Gira’ (Upset The Rhythm)

DJ Scotch Egg knows you gotta crack a few yolks to make a noise omelette

For those who thought Shigeru Ishihara was only good for decimating Game Boys in a fit of super-charged speed techno under his [b]DJ Scotch Egg[/b] alias, think again. Having tentatively dipped his toes into the world of live instrumentation, Ishihara has come up with Casio-wielding noise artists [a]Drum Eyes[/a]: a Herculean force of instrumental electronic post-rock that weaves in and out of genres regardless of forms, order or blueprints. The sludge rock of [b]‘13 Magicians’[/b] is only outdone by the baroque synths dancing fleetingly around doom riffs and metal onslaughts on [b]‘Future Police’[/b], paralleled only by the marvel of space-rock anthem [b]‘50-50’[/b]. An epic record with endless possibility.

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]

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