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Album Review: El Dog - 'The Lamps Of Terrahead'


Album Review: El Dog – ‘The Lamps Of Terrahead’

When Aereogramme called it quits, declaring they didn’t have “any fight left in us”, it was a sad day for alternative rock. For better or worse, El Dog seem to have heard the Scottish quartet’s lamented war cry and taken up arms in much the same vein with their debut. The over-arching emotive vocals of frontman Bob Rafferty, coupled with the band’s ornate song structures can at times appear like a rockier version of Keane (as on ‘If That Was The Last That We Met’). But the subtle string arrangements on ‘Rebecca’s Spine’ and the esoteric guitar slurs opening ‘Sham Rock’ thankfully take more from emo legends Knapsack; exemplifying that when El Dog pick the right battles, they’re onto a winner.

Ash Dosanjh