Album Review: Erik Hassle – ‘Pieces’


It's all falling apart for the Swedish composer

Even though his hair out-frightwigs both [b]Elly Jackson[/b]’s and [b]Jedward[/b]’s, [b]Erik Hassle[/b]’s UK debut, a retooled version of his first Swedish release, is a depressingly pedestrian affair. The tracks span the gamut of AOR, from the wispy and piano-led ([b]‘The Thanks I Get’[/b]) to [b]‘Day & Age’[/b]-era [a]Killers[/a] ([b]‘Hurtful’[/b]) and a souped-up [a]Keane[/a] ([b]‘Bitter End’[/b]), all with choruses that could slay a boyband at 100 metres. Sure, there’s the odd atmospheric synth here and the occasional spiky guitar there, but it’s the feeling these songs have been buffed for mass consumption that stays with you. A shame, because his emotive voice has a lovely rawness to it which is occasionally allowed to radiate through the gloss.

[b]Priya Elan[/b]