Erin K & Tash – ‘Our First EP’

A fresh duo of filthy-mouthed indie darlings

Straight outta Soho come Landahn’s answer to Flight Of The Conchords – they’re a bit Kimya Dawson and a bit Adam & Joe’s Kate Nash parody ‘Bums And Binge Drinking’. It isn’t the most ground-breaking of musical escapades – the black comedy of ‘Heart Out’ (“[i]Rip out my heart/ Replace it with quavers/Declare it as art[/i]”) is strikingly similar to the lyrical wryness of Emmy The Great, and ‘This Boy’ is a direct descendant of Miss Nash’s plaintive ‘We Get On’ – but if you’re craving a fresh duo of filthy-mouthed indie darlings clad in Topshop print dresses and giggling about small penises, then you can’t go far wrong with this wilfully whimsical EP.

[i]Katherine Rodgers[/i]


Record label: Erin K & Tash Recordings
Release date: 16 Jul, 2012