Album Review: Erland and The Carnival – Nightingale (Full Time Hobby)

Twisted tales surpassing the strangeness and quirk of their debut last year.

Only a year after their eerie, enchanting debut, Orcadian [from the Orkney Isles, southern heathens] [b]Erland Cooper[/b] and his merry troupe (including former [a]The Verve[/a] guitarist [b]Simon Tong[/b]) are back with an even richer and stranger bag of tricks, this time recorded in the bowels of a boat in the Thames.

More magpies than nightingales across these 13 tracks, they stitch up a glorious grab-bag of modern psych; fans of [a]The Superimposers[/a], [a]The Coral[/a], [a]Jim Noir[/a] or [a]Gruff Rhys[/a] will find much to love down the footpaths forged between these points.

Magpie-like too, Cooper has a love of repurposing weighty lines to frame his quirky nests, as on “[i]This night has opened my eyes[/i]” on [b]‘This Night’[/b]’s cathedral-rave-folk-meets-Franz skiffle or “[i]Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen[/i]” on [b]‘I’m Not Really Here’[/b], or indeed [b]‘The Dream Of The Rood’[/b], based around the Old English visionary poem of the same name. Not for the birds.

Emily Mackay


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