Album Review: Evelyn Evelyn – ‘Evelyn Evelyn’ (8Ft/Eleven)

Forever indulging her oddball fantasies, Palmer's new offering is no exception

Goth-cabaret artist [b]Amanda Palmer[/b] has always been one to indulge her oddball fantasies: working on a [b]Neutral Milk Hotel[/b]-inspired high school play, for example. So it’s no surprise that her latest ruse is as one half of conjoined twins with Seattle singer and accordionist [b]Jason Webley[/b]. The fictional history for this duo destined for the circus before being rescued, is far more riveting than the dreary musical offerings. From the child-friendly [b]‘Elephant Elephant’[/b] via country-lite [b]‘You Only Want Me ’Cause You Want My Sister’[/b] to ’80s power ballad [b]‘My Space’[/b], they can’t be lifted, not even by cameos from [b]‘Weird Al’ Yankovic[/b] and, oddly, [b]Frances Bean Cobain[/b].

[b]Tessa Harris[/b]