Family Of The Year – ‘Loma Vista’

A fantastic debut, reminiscent of Fleet Foxes

Hailing from LA (reference to being “sun-drenched” in the biog? Tick!) Family Of The Year appear to have heard Fixers coming on like an acidtronic modern day Beach Boys, gone “Piss off, you Home Counties inlanders you, that shit’s ours!”, laced it with LA’s burgeoning nous for epic pop and made a bright and startling debut that’s somehow come out like Fleet Foxes with more than just a face for radio. Melodies bristle, harmonies surge, hooks fly dense as bullets in The Raid and Joe Keefe’s lush stoner vocals trace out stories of neighbour-annoying hedonism (‘The Stairs’), missing home (‘Hey Ma’) and boozing and rocking all the way to the afterlife (‘Buried’). Fun-drenched.

[i]Mark Beaumont[/i]


Director: Wally Gagel
Record label: Nettwerk
Release date: 09 Jul, 2012