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Fiction - 'The Big Other'


Fiction – ‘The Big Other’

If a real School Of Rock existed, Fiction would most likely be shown the rod for careless use of cliché. “Bull in a china shop”? Must try harder. Still, the debut album from the London five-piece is impressive enough. They’ve been around for a while, touring with Warpaint, supporting Everything Everything and honing a coherent sound. A sheen of Afrobeat and ’80s pop lead to an inevitable comparison with Vampire Weekend, which is no bad thing. The fantastic ‘Careful’, with its ‘Raspberry Beret’-style riff and a gorgeous chorus that’ll ring in your ears for hours, stands above the rest. Definitely on their way to a gold star, then.
Lucy Jones


Director:Ash Workman and James Ford
Record label:Moshi Moshi
Release date:04 Mar, 2013