The Sun

Fridge are now entering their second decade of placid post-rockery. Touchingly, the Putney schoolfriends still get together to make music despite all having gone on to achieve greater acclaim independently: Kieran Hebden with the vivid folktronica of Four Tet and his recent collaboration with Steve Reid, Adem with his campfire folk songs and Sam Jeffers as a web design guru and aspiring international diplomat (seriously). Understandably, given the circumstances, ‘The Sun’ – not a tribute to the super, soaraway tabloid we assume – lacks urgency and focus. Indeed, a vibe of contented garden-shed tinkering eclipses the bleeding-edge, brain-mashing urgency of their past. But, even after all these years, Fridge’s skilled melodic skittering still allows them to fashion a hazily golden dawn you’d be happy to wake up to.

Sam Richards