Album Review: Fujiya & Miyagi – Ventriloquizzing (Full Time Hobby)

Strutting basslines lend themselves to low-slung glam funk and sinister ponderings

Somewhere between [a]Liars[/a]’ sinister ponderings, [a]Beck[/a]’s low-key funk and the bizarre, be-masked aesthetic of [a]The Wave Machines[/a] sits the weird world of ‘[b]Ventriloquizzing[/b]’ – a world where David Best’s speak-sing monotone reigns supreme, strutting basslines abound and the line between sexy and sex pest is but a blur. At its high points (‘[b]Sixteen Shades Of Black & Blue[/b]’, ‘[b]Pills[/b]’) these components combine to create the kind of low-slung glam funk that makes us feel a bit dirty-in-a-good-way. At other times we’re not sure whether we should be laughing or feeling uncomfortable; either way ‘[b]Ventriloquizzing[/b]’ is certainly no dummy’s game.

[b]Lisa Wright[/b]