Album Review: Fun Lovin’ Criminals – ‘Classic Fantastic’


Fun? No. Lovin'? No. Criminal? Yes

Huey surnamed himself ‘DiFontaine’ when his name was really Morgan; he launched a 6Music funk show that played [a]AC/DC[/a]; FLC once looked cool but they were shit. How does a band with so many broken promises get to release their sixth album in 14 years – let alone survive into the 2010s? [b]‘Classic Fantastic’[/b] doesn’t have the answers; neither is it ‘classic’ or ‘fantastic’. It sounds like too much mid-’90s [b]NPG[/b]/[b]‘Exodus’[/b]-era [a]Prince[/a] – music built on the blinkered self-belief that the outside world wants to hear the most turgid clean-toned self-indulgence imaginable. [i]“Girls, parties, other things – yeah/Oh, what the universe brings”[/i], Huey marvels on [b]‘Mars’[/b]. We also learn that he thinks Stephen Hawkins is “OK”. He should hear what Steve said about him.

[b]Jason Draper[/b]

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